Aerosuit SS Prof Power Eyelet 2.0 Lycra Short

Art. nr.: 56571

Aerosuit SS Prof Power Eyelet 2.0 Lycra Short

This speedsuit has been developed with versatility in mind. From cyclocross racing to riding time trials, this suit is up for the job. 
The torso part is made of Powereyelet, a type of Lycra that provides an equal amount of stretch in all directions. 
The Race Proven 2.0 shorts are made of Lycra 
The wide elastic leg gripper stitched onto the trouser ends keeps the shorts comfortably into place

Tekn. spec.

  • Aerodynamics based cut
  • Prof torso part, Race Proven 2.0 shorts part. 
  • 2 piece construction for maximum freedom of movement
  • Power Eyelet / Lycra main fabrics
  • Heightened collar
  • Long heavy duty zipper
  • Wide Powerband leg grippers


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